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Most questions concerning Ultimate Pool Seal™ and how to install can be answered by checking out our FAQ’s below, and in our Ultimate Pool Seal™ Video Tutorials.  If you still can’t find an answer to your question, contact us via our email, info@ultimatepoolseal.com or Toll Free at 877-766-5654.

Can I buy Ultimate Pool Seal at your warehouse ? Yes.  But we are a manufacturing and distribution location – not a retail storefront. While we are happy for you to purchase our product in person, please call in advance (877-766-5654) to be sure someone is there, or to coordinate a time to meet with you for your purchase.

What is Ultimate Pool Seal™?
Our product is installed into the control joint or void between a swimming pool’s coping and the pool deck.  It is designed to keep water from infiltrating the ground beneath the deck and/or the coping. If this material is not maintained, problems including a cracked deck or displaced coping can occur easily costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars to repair.  Ultimate Pool Seal™ acts as a barrier to keep the seal integrity intact and prevent these problems from occurring.

What are the options one has to replace my deck seal,  and how does the sealant work?
The “Competition” is a two part, (must be mixed) poly sulfide-based joint sealant that is resistant to water and today’s common pool chemicals if used as intended.
Ultimate Pool Seal™ is a dry, pourable, pre-mixed control joint filler comprised of organic and other materials that is water activated. Ultimate Pool Seal™ is used to fill control joints (and repair other cracks/joints) to provide a firm, compressible, natural weather-resistant protection to water infiltration. It is specifically designed to be used around swimming pools.

What sizes are available and what does pool seal cost?
The ‘Competition” is available in 24oz and 96oz tubes. The 96oz size costs approx. $89 retail and requires two ($178) for the average residential pool.
Ultimate Pool Seal™ is available in 2,3, 4, or 8 container sizes. A 2-container box costs approx. $99 retail and will complete the average residential pool. Need contractor quantities? Contact us via eMail or Toll Free 877-766-5654 for a quote.

How many (linear) feet will the product cover and what is the recommended installation depth?
That is based on the width of the control joint between your coping and deck. The “designed” coverage width is ½ inch, and the depth is determined by the product manufacturer. The “Competition” is a 2:1 width to depth ratio, while Ultimate Pool Seal™ recommends 1:1 ratio*, and 2:1 for joints greater than 1/2” wide x 1/2” deep. Ultimate Pool Seal™ does not recommend our product be used in control joints less than 1/8″ wide or over 1-3/4″ wide.
The “Competition” 96oz kit will cover +/- 54 linear ft based on the joint gap being a 1/2 inch wide x 1/2 inch deep. (2 kits required for most residential pools)
Ultimate Pool Seal™ based on the joint gap being 1/2” wide x 1/2” deep, the 2- container starter kit will cover +/- 100 linear ft. Enough to completely install most residential pools.

* If the area in which you live is subject to ground movement, Ultimate Pool Seal™ recommends you install our seal at a coverage of 1/2″ wide x 3/4″ depth ratio. Doing so will require additional seal product material to cover 100′ linear ft.

Durable & Reclosable Easy Grip Container

What standard colors are available?
The “Competition” – Depends on the supplier.
Ultimate Pool Seal™ – Desert Tan, Oyster, Sand Dune, & Slate Gray are the standard colors. Limited other color selections are available by special order and will require additional lead time and a price up charge. Please contact us via eMail or Toll Free 877-766-5654 for a quote.

How does one install the sealant ?
The “Competition” is a 2-part product that must be mixed.
Ultimate Pool Seal™ is a dry, ready to pour product.

Does the sealant have a shelf life?
The “Competition” – shelf life from date of manufacture for their “Two Part” is +/- 1 year, and shelf life for their “ONE STEP” is +/- 6 months, when stored in unopened containers under 80ºF. Once the “Competition” is opened it must be used immediately or thrown away.
Ultimate Pool Seal™ has no shelf life and is not affected by temperature. It may be stored indefinitely even after opening for future use as long as it remains free from moisture.

Can this product be coated with an acrylic Sealer?
The “Competition” can’t be sealed with solvent based sealers. It will break down & stain.
Ultimate Pool Seal™ may be sealed (and even painted) with an acrylic sealer to prolong the resistance to water and extend the life of the product.

How much time do I have to install the sealant?
The “Competition” – Two Part has a work life of approx. one hour at 77ºF. The higher the temperature, the shorter the work life.
Ultimate Pool Seal™ There’s no mixing so you are not restricted to a time limit. You have whatever time you need (including stopping and restarting) to install Ultimate Pool Seal™.

How long does it take to fully cure?
The “Competition” – Two Part, the material is tack free in 4 hrs and cures in 24 hrs at + 77ºF.
Ultimate Pool Seal™ Our product is tack free in +/- 15 minutes, sets in 4-8 hours, and cures in 24 hours (at 80ºF). Colder temperature may require longer to fully cure.

The sealant didn’t set up – it’s sticky. What happened?
The “Competition” – Was it mixed correctly? Is the product still in date?
Ultimate Pool Seal™ The only way it could fail to set is by using too much water. If you think this is the problem, after you’ve installed your seal and you let it have time to set, please contact us for support via eMail or Toll Free at 877-766-5654.

Some of the sealant set up and some didn’t?
The “Competition” The two components were not thoroughly mixed together for the required amount of time. The material will have to be removed from the joint and completely start over.
Ultimate Pool Seal™ The only way it could fail to cure is by not activating it properly and/or consistently with the correct amount of water. If you think this is the problem after you’ve installed your seal and you let it have time to cure, please contact us for support via eMail or Toll Free at 877-766-5654.

How can I clean the sealant if I spill it on my coping or deck?
The “Competition” Immediately remove wet sealant by using Toluene or Xylene. Contact the manufacturer of the system to see if there is a compatibility problem using a chemical clean-up.
Ultimate Pool Seal™ cleans up with water and a sponge or brush up to 24 hours. Stubborn residue or “film” can be removed by mixing 1 part muriatic acid to 4 parts water and using a brush.

Need additional help?
If you encounter a problem, call us and we will help you. Contact us for support via eMail or Toll Free at 877-766-5654.

How will Ultimate Pool Seal™ look when installed?
Ultimate Pool Seal™ knows you want your pool to look beautiful as long as you own your home. Our seal is the most attractive product you can put in the expansion joint around your pool. Visit our Gallery for product pictures.


Pool Section Diagram

    How to Install Ultimate Pool Seal™

Content may settle from shipping.    If sealant color appears unblended refer to Step 3.   Do not use if rain is possible within 24 hours after installation is completed.

  1. Existing pools: remove old sealant completely. All pools start with a clean, dry joint.
  2. Use common sand to fill the joint leaving approx. 1/2” (3/4″ where subject to ground movement) for the U.P.Seal. Soak the joint (and any sand used to back fill) thoroughly with water hose.
  3. Option: Pour a portion of dry U.P. Seal into a clean, dry plastic bucket or container. If needed, stir well by hand until color mix is consistent.
  4. Pour dry U.P. Seal into joint while joint is still damp. Use a spray or water nozzle on “mist” setting and wet U.P. Seal gradually but thoroughly until water is absorbed completely through seal, (don’t make “soupy”) then continue around perimeter of pool. Although not required, in temps 80 degrees F or more, you may find the product easier to work with in segments of 20’-25’.
  5. Using a damp sponge, gently push U.P.Seal into the joint, making sure the joint is packed full of seal material. Smooth with damp sponge to desired finish.
  6. Up to 24 hours remove any residue with water and a brush. Stubborn residue or “film” may be removed with a mixture of 4 parts water to 1 part muriatic acid, using water and a brush.

Helpful Tips:

a)       The right amount of water is essential. Achieve this by gradually applying water with a spray mister or hose nozzle on mist setting. Be patient and make multiple passes working in segments. Make certain enough water is applied so that all the U.P. Seal absorbs the water, but do not wet too heavily and make “soupy”. Try a small test area before installing around remainder of pool.

b)       Although U.P.Seal will help protect your coping and/or deck by compressing, it won’t expand. However, if needed, new U.P.Seal can be filled into the joint or localized damaged area without removing the existing seal material. For small cracks and patching vertical joints, just premix a small amount of U.P.Seal in a clean plastic container. (Rubber gloves help prevent  seal from sticking to hands) Pour a small amount of U.P.Seal in the container, and slowly add water as you mix the sealant until it has the consistency of cookie dough. Then hand pack into the area in need of repair or new joint. Using a damp sponge, gently push the seal into the joint or crack making sure it’s filled, then wipe and smooth to desired finish. Allow minimum of 24 hours to cure (optimum weather conditions) before getting wet.

c)       If any cracks appear due to structural movement, damage, or natural causes, it is important to address these asap to prevent  further damage or cause product failure. Refer to “C” above for maintenance and repairs.

d)       Store any dry unusedUltimate Pool Seal™ for future use or repairs in the container and seal to prevent moisture.

CAUTION: Dust may irritate eyes. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact flush thoroughly with water. Avoid breathing dust. Do not ingest.



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